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Black Dog LED Grow Lights - hydrobuilder.com

Black Dog's PhytoMax line of LED grow lights boast the largest PAR footprint, and are ideal for hobby growers looking to cut down on energy bills. You can recoup for your investment on these LED grow lights within 6-12 months! Their LED grow lights are full spectrum, and incredibly powerful.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 1000 - Grow Light Central

The PhytoMAX-2 1000 from Black Dog LED draws 1050 watts. In terms of LED watts, it's a 1600 watt light. That's as powerful as it gets. What that means for you is the largest coverage area on the market (6.5 x 6.5) and an even light across the footprint that …

Mars Hydro Mars II 400 LED Grow Light - GrowPackage.com

Discover the Mars II 400 LED Grow Light. Reliable Brand - Mars Hydro has more than 7 years experience in Grow Tents and LED Grow Lights. Incredible powerful for 2'3" x 2'3" x 5'3" size’s growing. Full spectrum, high quality but with affordable price makes it …

Black Dirt Grow Lights & Accessories

Our American made LED light has be tested in both lab & real world conditions to ensure it really is the best light on the market. Our lights are designed to fit perfectly in grow tents, so no matter where your plant is located, they all get perfect lighting. Our LEDs produce a whopping 650 micromoles at …

Buy LED Grow Lights For Sale Online – Grow Light Central

All of the LED grow lights for sale on our site have been proven effective in growing cannabis by real growers during actual grows. We only carry the best American brands with long warranties and hassle-free return policies. ... Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 1000. $2,279 $2,944.00. SAVE $665.00. Sale Optic 6 Gen4 COB LED Grow Light. $949 $1,399.00 ...

Black Dog Phytomax-2 400 Watt LED Grow Light | HTG Supply

With the proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum, Black Dog Phytomax-2 400 commercial LED grow lights are true full-spectrum LED’s that can be used for full-cycle plant growth. The Phytomax-2 400 LED fixture comes complete and ready to install with 8′ power cord and …

45W LED Grow Light - Black Magic

The Black Magic 45-Watt LED Grow Light is designed to be your easy to use, go-to grow light. Just plug it in and grow. With three band-light spectrum technology, the Black Magic 45-Watt LED Grow Light delivers blue light for vegetative growth, red light for blooming and white light for overall health throughout your plant’s life.

Grow Lights - The Home Depot

Feit Electric 17 in. 14-Watt Vegetation Seeding Flowering Black Integrated LED Indoor Table Top Plant Grow Light Fixture (15) Model# GLP17/B/TABLE/14WLED. SANSI 70-Watt 3915 Lumens Integrated LED Full Spectrum Grow Light, Daylight ... YANSUN 4-Light 96-Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Adjustable Gooseneck and Desk Clip (8)

The Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis: A Guide | Emerald ...

Mar 02, 2021 · The Ledgle Grow Light 300W walks the line, just about as cheap as an LED grow light can be and still be worth using. For this reason, it is a new grower favorite and a great value. The LED features an 11-band spectrum that generates blue, red, white, UV, and IR light.

AeroGarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel Black 970945-0100 ...

This versatile LED grow light can be used for all stages of plant growth - from seed starting to flowering to harvest, The light panel can be hung from above or placed on a countertop. The light panel rotates 360 degrees and the height is adjustable. Both a …

Black Dog LED - Grow Lights & Hydroponics Supplies

Black Dog LED One of the first to do it back in 2010, Black Dog LED grow lights are partially responsible for many of the innovations seen in indoor grow lighting. Their philosophy is simple: They want to create the best possible plant grow lights.

Advanced Grow Lights - Bringing you the best lights and ...

Black Dog LED Grow Lights. Quick View. PHYTOMAX-2 1000 LED GROW LIGHTS $ 2,279.00. Add to cart Add To Wishlist Quick View Quick View. Quick View. PHYTOMAX-2 800 LED GROW LIGHTS $ 1,949.00. Add to cart Add To Wishlist Quick View Quick View. Quick View. PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED GROW LIGHTS $ 1,549.00.

Best LED Grow Lights Of 2021 / Hydrobuilder Learning Center

Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Fixture Back Dog LED is one of the most scientific and researched backed companies in the grow lighting industry, and they use this to produce the most powerful LED grow light on the market. The Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 pulls 1050 Watts from the wall, or 2100 LED watts, which is just incredible.

Black Dog LED Europe – LED Grow Lights, Growing Kits ...

Get LED Grow Lights and Accessories. About Black Dog LED. LED Grow Lights Designed for Commercial, Greenhouse, Research and Indoor Growing. Since 2010 Black Dog LED has been the market leader of innovative high power, high yield and truly full-spectrum LED grow lights. With our new PhytoMAX-2 series we are continuing our tradition of quality including all the latest advancements in …

Can You Grow Weed With A Black Light? - GreenBudGuru

Short answer: The short and simple answer to this question is no, you cannot grow weed with a black light. A black light simply does not have the properties which a weed plant requires to grow big, strong, and healthy. There are various reasons why a black light simply won’t do, so let’s go over the most important factors… 1.